Today’s empty page

Beckons history

To write its best

Today with a sigh

For tomorrow’s jubilation or heartache

Filling the page with only what can be written

In disappearing ink

What we remembered before the words dried vanishing

What we know

What we were told to believe

Only a figment of truth

Seeing, as we do, what we want to see

In the pattern of our lies and fibs

And the testimony of what we believe

Suspended in this filmy memory, belief, certainty

Hangs life and death

Hangs justice

Right and wrong

Coming into the foundation of all our hope

And how we measure one another

To fit the structure of our will

To fill the space of our morality

Until age repeats the lesson that certainty is mutable

Hope wavers

The empty page

Shaded by imaginary fears

Our will sustains and withstands

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