After four years of blogging as “the next chapter,” the time comes for a new look. As I ease into my fifth year, I am changing the name of this blog to “Later, Comma.” The new title mirrors the domain name, which has always been the blog’s Universal Resource Locator (URL), also known as its Internet web address.

The title “Later, Comma” has an obscure source. It will remain obscure, if I have anything to do with it. For a technical definition, one obscure (but excellent) writer described the later-comma construction as “an ingenious literary device used by popular writers in place of…more descriptive passages.” When this construction is used, the reader is aware that a period of time has transpired, but the writer has left it to our imagination just what has happened in the space of time not described.

As the aforementioned obscure writer teaches, “it is a foolish author who chooses to leave nothing to the reader’s imagination.”

It is, I think, a fitting metaphor for this blog, which has always left much to the imagination of its readers.

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